Stats Table

Typical results of Cervical Deformities

  • Have feeding tubes surgically implanted and receive liquid formulas for nutrition.
  • Prone to bed sores.
  • Unable to have full lung expansion.
  • Susceptible to constipation and impactions.
  • Potential for blood clots.
  • Heart must pump harder.
  • Blood sugar increases with immobility.
  • Bones weaken from non weight bearing status.
  • Prone to dehydration.

Costs to healthcare of feeding tube for the first year:

  • Feeding tube surgery - $25,000
  • Ambulance transportation for surgery - $1000
  • Liquid formula (per year) – $4,400

18,000 nursing homes and 1.9 million beds in USA (National Nursing Home Survey: 1999 Summary)

  • May average as high as 3-5 persons or more per facility who would benefit from one of these devices,
  • Today they typically remain in deformed shape,
  • Remain in bed most of the time if not at all times,
  • Develop multiple other physical and cognitive problems resulting from their inappropriate posture.

These devices will:

  • Correct current deformities.
  • Prevent the continual decline of health due to these conditions.
  • Allow persons to remain more active and not require long term care.
  • Reduce the spiraling costs of immobility.