Restorative Medical is a woman-owned small business proudly serving the federal government's active and retired military and their families. Our focus on lost range of motion due to neurological injuries is right in line with the largest concerns of the veterans returning from combat.

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Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI) are much more prevalent today than during any other wartime situation. This can be attributed to much improved front line treatment and evacuation procedures. The improvement in protective gear has also assisted in this increase. Before these improvements, the injured veteran would not have survived the first week after the damage.

Many patients who suffer from TBI and/or SCI will have a secondary reaction called lost range of motion. This happens as a result of the damaged nerves sending involuntary signals to muscles, initiating a contraction. This involuntary contraction due to damaged nerves is termed neurological tone. Certain conditions of neurological tone can lead to shortened tissue, where the muscles and surrounding tissue actually shortens based on the lost range. Now that the survival rates are increasing, treating and rehabbing TBI and SCI patients requires a new approach.

RMI’s products are designed specifically for patients with neurological tone and/or shortened tissue. Our Flex Technology provides resistance in a slim, simple design that works to eliminate the involuntary signals. These uncomplicated, light-weight products have had amazing results contributing to better quality of life, ease of care, and reducing further degradation.

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